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CRICredit ReInventors is on the cutting edge of the newest advances and regulations in the credit industry.  We are very blessed to have worked with so many great clients who allowed us to guide them through what can be a very intimidating process of repairing and building new credit.

With so many scams out there promising to erase and delete credit, we knew we had to ReInvent the way people look at credit repair by providing an honest, simple and refreshing service with a laser focus on helping you recover from your negative life circumstances and giving our clients a chance to start over and build something they can be proud of!

Credit ReInventors is here to help to help you in your personal life and in your business.

Our clients are typically looking for:

  Get the best available rates on mortgage’s and auto loans

  Qualify for credit cards and other credit accounts

  Deletion of negative accounts on credit report

  Instruction of most effective ways to build great credit

  Reduce Auto Insurance Rates

  Start-Up Capital For Your Small Business

  Business Loans Based On: Cashflow, Collateral & Credit

  Personalized Business Plans

  Counseling & Education on Business Credit

  Remove Personal Liability from their business

  Establish Trade Lines with Reputable Companies

  Get the edge on competition with a better Paydex Score

  Quickly Build Business Credit

Your credit score could stand between you and your dream!

Learn about the consequences of late payments and collections one your credit report when trying to obtain a mortgage. Credit ReInventors will teach you how to get on the fast track for credit repair and start removing any incorrect information on your credit report that might be preventing you from purchasing your dream home!

The Industry's Only "Done-For-You" Credit Repair & Business Credit Building Technology

Credit repair has historically been a very hands on process involving hours of research, planning and follow-up to see minimal results. Not to mention the legal repercussions that follow if your disputes and negotiations are not handled properly.

When you sign-up for a service with Credit ReInventors we take away all the stress and pain involved through the process and provide you with a proven step-by-step system to follow that will aid you in getting the credit you deserve. The best part about it is if you don’t want to get your hands dirty at all, Credit ReInventors can handle the entire repair process from start to finsih so you can sit back relax and watch your score go up!

Done-For-You Deletion Of Incorrect & Negative Credit Reporting

Innovative Credit Monitoring System

Custom Business Credit Suite

We will work with you until you earn substantial business credit

One Stop Business Plans & Small Business Financing

Guaranteed Credit Increase over a 90 Day Period*


Reviewed: Personal Credit Repair

I have worked with many people in the past and no one has ever made me feel as comfortable as my consultant at CRI.

Reviewed: Personal Credit Repair

I was referred to CRI, and within months of working with them I was able to get my score at a level where I could purchase the car without a co-signer.

Reviewed: Personal Credit Repair

With his ten years experience in finances, Avion has demonstrated quality performance for me. Although my journey at times has been rough, it is nice to have someone I can trust.

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