CRICredit Re-Inventors is a Limited Liability Company, [CRI] based in Columbus, Ohio. We provide over 40 years of combined credit restoration experience compiled with state of the art software which allows us to help almost anyone reinvent and improve their credit score.

The result is hundreds and thousands of dollars in savings and lower interest rate loans. Poor credit is represented by a FICO score below 600. This is costing the consumer higher interest loans on housing, autos, credit card and insurance payments. Poor credit can even result in lower wages, underemployment, and total missed job opportunities.

The cause of bad credit can be very complex. Real life circumstances such as divorce, loss of job, illness and death are contributing factors, however the solution is simple.The key to successful credit restoration is not only understanding the applicable laws but how they are used in the scoring model.

After spending over a combined 40 years in the mortgage, finance and related industry, the principals of CRI understand and have a passion to help people reinvent themselves and improve their financial health. Years have been spent turning the consumer down for home, auto, household’s goods and other basic necessities. Now it is time for [CRI] to use their skills, knowledge, relationships and experience to Re-Invent the consumer.

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