Let’s face it, working on your credit is probably the last thing you thought about doing today or any other day.  If you are already working on rebuilding from a less than perfect credit score and haven’t made much progress then you are finding out just how stressful a process this can be without some support and a good strategy.

Most people I talk with about rebuilding credit have misguided expectations that this is something that can be done quickly.  That we can pull out our magic credit eraser and give them a whole new identity…As much as many of us probably wish that were the case, rebuilding credit takes time.  Depending on the case it can take weeks, months and in rare cases, years to rebuild your credit into something you can be proud of.

The good news is that along the path to great credit there are many milestones along the way that you can be very proud f once you accomplish them.  Instead of dwelling on all the mistakes you have made in the past that dinged your credit, focus on the small positive wins that you can have along the way.  Once you achieve a goal that you and your Credit ReInventors Consultant have set it’s important you reward yourself for this “good behavior”.  To often we beat ourselves up and punish ourselves for the things we do wrong and when we do something right we don’t give ourselves the recognition we deserve!  This reward system that you setup for yourself is the key to “re-wiring” your bad habits in too good ones!

Try rewarding yourself (have a cupcake or two!) for these small accomplishments along the way:

  • You made a payment on an account that was delinquent or past due
  • You paid off a credit card
  • You consolidated your debt
  • On-Time Payments
  • Holding to your budget
  • A budget friendly purchase or lack their of
  • When you have your consultation with C.R.I.
  • When you submit a dispute or list of corrections to the credit bureaus
  • Increase in your credit score

Go ahead!  What do you have to lose?  Make a list of items that you can reward yourself with once you reach certain milestones with your credit repair.  Maybe it’s a cupcake when you make a on-time payment or a special date night with your partner when you credit score increases by at least 50 points!

These rewards will go a long way in keeping you positive and moving forward in your credit repair.  For more tips on how you can improve your credit score or for help developing your repair strategy, click the button below to schedule a free consultation.